Monday, August 26, 2013

Mhag Desktop 2.3b Release: New MH3U English Translations! (August 26, 2013)

** New releases!! **

MHAG Desktop
  • English translations for MH Ultimate and TriG for the armor pieces
  • English translations for the materials
  • Armor corrections - thanks to the community
  • English armor piece translations
  • English translations for the materials
  • Armor corrections
  • Set Planner tab now displays all the skills of the pieces that were found for the search criteria
MHAG Web Todo
  • Allow Set Planner to search for more than one skill using "and"
  • Incorporate number of slots into the search, so if a piece has 3 slots and a skill is hearing and the range is > 3 then 3 slotted armor pieces will be returned in the result

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Announced for WiiU and 3DS

WOW!! Finally, we have a NEW monster hunter game for the west!
It looks so cool! HD, more monsters, WiiU/3DS cross-play, and maybe free online!
Can't wait for it!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Outlines for Mixers (MH3)

Hello all, it's been a while since I posted here, but I was minding my own business, mixing some more sets on MH3, and then it struck me...

All serious mixers know that there's certain combinations that are very easy to achieve certain skills most efficiently. For example, to get Adrenaline+2, the easiest way is to use Black Leather Pants and a Barroth piece for Head/Chest/Gloves. (Gloves are my preference because they also come with 3 spare slots)


That being said, I've begun making outline sets on MHAG which can be found under the search button, and by typing "<Outline Set>" under the Set Name space.

I've only begun the process, and as such, I have only placed 4 outline sets so far.  If there are any [very] obvious ones I missed, feel free to point them out, and I will be glad to post them when possible.  Because no one else has used the "<Outline Set> name in any of there sets, feel free to post any of your own outline sets yourself to claim credit for them.

Please note that if you abuse the "<Outline Set>" name, I will have to list reliable names to look for while browsing mhag in this blog.

Current List of Outline Sets.

Status Atk Up/Adrenaline+2/Double Poison --- No Wep Slots, No Helm, Free Slot on Torso Up Chestpiece, No Tali

Sharp+1/Earplugs --- 1 Wep Slot, (Heli+ Chest, 2 Other Armors W/Torso Up) - No Gloves, No Tali, [Also has 1 more free piece which can be any of the following - Head/Waist/Legs - Which depends on what pieces you use for torso up. (Head = Skull Mask; Waist = Vangis; Legs = Alloy/Alloy+/Uragaan/Guild)

Wind Res (Hi) --- No Wep Slots, No Helm, No Chest, No Gloves, No Tali

Focus/Adrenaline+2 --- No Wep Slots, No Chest, No Waist, No Tali


Feel free to provide any more combinations that you are aware of, and good luck mixing!


Sunday, May 6, 2012

Ragnarok Odyssey Announced for the West

Yes! A good day for monster hunter fans!!
Ragnarok Odyssey was just announced to be localized for PS Vita!  This game looks absurdly similar to monster hunter games.  It comes with online support and amazing graphics on Vita.  Can't wait to play the game!
Check the following link for more details.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Diablos ... I mean Diablo III is coming!

no, it's not monster-hunter-related.  Meanwhile I am still waiting for the announcement of Monster Hunter News for the west, I can't help to start enjoying this new game, that will be launched next month.
The Diablo team has started to send massive beta test to a part of fans who preordered the game, and  I happen to be one of those lucky people!!!
I will hunt Diablo just like how I fought Diablos!!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

MHAG Web version 1.4 release

Just to let everyone know version 1.4 of mhag web has been released with the following:

Version 1.4

bug fixes

1) bug where view set looses health jewel -- fixed
2) image optimisation for mhtrig
3) scroll bars removed from search results (HTC) bug
4) scroll bars removed from skill select

1) Voting system
2) column sorting on votes, set name and owner

Coming in the next release:
share all your sets with a single link
make a shorter link 
search for armour pieces with certain skills making it easier to plan your sets
image preview - dependent on image pieces (so anyone has some nice images of the armor pieces for both male a female, blade and gunner!

Please post any bugs here Smile

Monday, February 27, 2012

MHAG Server Updated: Now with MH3G Database

Gondor @Capcom Unity just updated MHAG Server.
1. MHAG Online has a new MH3G armor database.
2. Armor databases now show sets on multiple pages (50 sets per page).
3. User logins for each database were merged together, so users can access all games with single login.
4. Data synchronized with the latest MHAG Desktop version.

Check for MH3G MHAG.

New MHAG Desktop was also released at the same time.
MHAG Desktop v2.2a
In this version,

1. a few armor data errors were fixed. (Credit to Vuze @ mh3g wetpaint site)
2. Set URL links were corrected, so it links directed to the new MHAG Online Server for MH3G
3. add Sword Saint Earring and Barrage Earring (MH3G)
4. mhag model code is seperated from swing code (for future mobile port)