Thursday, September 13, 2012

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Announced for WiiU and 3DS

WOW!! Finally, we have a NEW monster hunter game for the west!
It looks so cool! HD, more monsters, WiiU/3DS cross-play, and maybe free online!
Can't wait for it!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Outlines for Mixers (MH3)

Hello all, it's been a while since I posted here, but I was minding my own business, mixing some more sets on MH3, and then it struck me...

All serious mixers know that there's certain combinations that are very easy to achieve certain skills most efficiently. For example, to get Adrenaline+2, the easiest way is to use Black Leather Pants and a Barroth piece for Head/Chest/Gloves. (Gloves are my preference because they also come with 3 spare slots)


That being said, I've begun making outline sets on MHAG which can be found under the search button, and by typing "<Outline Set>" under the Set Name space.

I've only begun the process, and as such, I have only placed 4 outline sets so far.  If there are any [very] obvious ones I missed, feel free to point them out, and I will be glad to post them when possible.  Because no one else has used the "<Outline Set> name in any of there sets, feel free to post any of your own outline sets yourself to claim credit for them.

Please note that if you abuse the "<Outline Set>" name, I will have to list reliable names to look for while browsing mhag in this blog.

Current List of Outline Sets.

Status Atk Up/Adrenaline+2/Double Poison --- No Wep Slots, No Helm, Free Slot on Torso Up Chestpiece, No Tali

Sharp+1/Earplugs --- 1 Wep Slot, (Heli+ Chest, 2 Other Armors W/Torso Up) - No Gloves, No Tali, [Also has 1 more free piece which can be any of the following - Head/Waist/Legs - Which depends on what pieces you use for torso up. (Head = Skull Mask; Waist = Vangis; Legs = Alloy/Alloy+/Uragaan/Guild)

Wind Res (Hi) --- No Wep Slots, No Helm, No Chest, No Gloves, No Tali

Focus/Adrenaline+2 --- No Wep Slots, No Chest, No Waist, No Tali


Feel free to provide any more combinations that you are aware of, and good luck mixing!


Sunday, May 6, 2012

Ragnarok Odyssey Announced for the West

Yes! A good day for monster hunter fans!!
Ragnarok Odyssey was just announced to be localized for PS Vita!  This game looks absurdly similar to monster hunter games.  It comes with online support and amazing graphics on Vita.  Can't wait to play the game!
Check the following link for more details.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Diablos ... I mean Diablo III is coming!

no, it's not monster-hunter-related.  Meanwhile I am still waiting for the announcement of Monster Hunter News for the west, I can't help to start enjoying this new game, that will be launched next month.
The Diablo team has started to send massive beta test to a part of fans who preordered the game, and  I happen to be one of those lucky people!!!
I will hunt Diablo just like how I fought Diablos!!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

MHAG Web version 1.4 release

Just to let everyone know version 1.4 of mhag web has been released with the following:

Version 1.4

bug fixes

1) bug where view set looses health jewel -- fixed
2) image optimisation for mhtrig
3) scroll bars removed from search results (HTC) bug
4) scroll bars removed from skill select

1) Voting system
2) column sorting on votes, set name and owner

Coming in the next release:
share all your sets with a single link
make a shorter link 
search for armour pieces with certain skills making it easier to plan your sets
image preview - dependent on image pieces (so anyone has some nice images of the armor pieces for both male a female, blade and gunner!

Please post any bugs here Smile

Monday, February 27, 2012

MHAG Server Updated: Now with MH3G Database

Gondor @Capcom Unity just updated MHAG Server.
1. MHAG Online has a new MH3G armor database.
2. Armor databases now show sets on multiple pages (50 sets per page).
3. User logins for each database were merged together, so users can access all games with single login.
4. Data synchronized with the latest MHAG Desktop version.

Check for MH3G MHAG.

New MHAG Desktop was also released at the same time.
MHAG Desktop v2.2a
In this version,

1. a few armor data errors were fixed. (Credit to Vuze @ mh3g wetpaint site)
2. Set URL links were corrected, so it links directed to the new MHAG Online Server for MH3G
3. add Sword Saint Earring and Barrage Earring (MH3G)
4. mhag model code is seperated from swing code (for future mobile port)

Monday, February 6, 2012

MHAG Desktop 2.2 Release: New MH3G Support

MHAG Desktop 2.2 was just released!!  In this version, MHAG starts to support Monster Hunter 3 (Tri) G (MH3G) (DS)!

As you can see from the previous two blogs (Coming Soon: MH3G Support, MHAG Helps to Build MH3G Wiki), I made a lot of efforts to gather all data, and meanwhile, also helped to make easy-to-read wiki tables with my program.  
Remember that this is an initial release for MH3G, so it may still contain some problems.  (even Japanese wiki is far from complete yet)  Here is some current issues.
1. Armor materials: they were extracted from Japanese armor build program (  and Japanese wiki.  and I didn't check or translate them.
2. Maximum armor defense data is not complete.  (mostly from Japanese armor program either)
3. Talisman maximum skill points: current version is based on MHP3rd and  Some skills were "promoted" to G rank, so talisman data were adjusted accordingly

In case people wonders what's the difference between MHAG and the Japanese program

1. I fixed tons of errors, so MHAG should be more accurate.
2. I made translations.
3. MHAG Online armor database ( for MH3G will be available soon.

To make MHAG better, please also verify the data from my check list, if you have the game already.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

MHAG Helps to Build Monster Hunter 3(Tri) G Wiki

If you imported or will import Monster Hunter 3 (Tri) G for Nintendo 3DS, you must check the armor related pages I built for MH3G Wiki Site.

MH3G Armor Skill
MH3G Jewel (Decoration) Item
MH3G Armors  (yes, it has ALL sets!!!)

The above is a snapshot.   And ...  all the tables were generated by MHAG! lol
Back to the days when I built the initial MHAG program for Monster Hunter Tri, I gathered some data from Monster Hunter Wikia site.  Now it's time for MHAG to do something in return.  These information usually requires a few month's hard works.  But it only cost me a week to write a little code for the HTML table, do some tests and format them specifically for Wetpaint site (mainly because Wetpaint doesn't fully support HTML table).

Anyway, I am pretty confident that this is so far the best version you can find online (even when compared with Japanese wiki sites).  I don't have the game yet, but I did consensus check among different data I can find (in-game images, multiple japanese wiki, magazine/book images, japanese armor build program and MHAG data from the previous games)

So far, I didn't check/translate materials and maximum defense for each rank.  (They are less important anyway)  Besides, there are some conflicts among different versions, and I am not 100% sure which one is correct.  If you have the game, please verify the data I listed in the following.

Possible MH3G Armor Data Errors
(ENG name JPN name : blade/gunner/all type : body part : issue : current version (the other version if avaliable)
1. Yukumo Kasa  ユクモノカサ : all : head : # of slots : 0 (1)
2. Yukumo - Earth Obi ユクモノオビ・地 : gunner : waist : protection skill points : 3 (2)
3. Bone S Coat ボーンSコート : gunner : waist : LastingPwr skill points : 3(2)
4. Baggi S Leggings バギィSレギンス : gunner : leg : Rec Speed skill points : 3(2)
5. Urkusus S Guards ウルクSガード : gunner : arms : Expert skill points : 3(2)
6. Kikyo Cap 桔梗【布冠】 : gunner : head : wide-range skill points : 3(2)
7. Kikyo Sleeves 桔梗【蕾袖】 : gunner : arms : wide-range skill points : 3(2)
8. Ludroth S Guards : ルドロスSガード : gunner : arms : Oxygen skill points : 3(2)
9. Barroth U Cap ボロスUキャップ : gunner : helm : Defense skill points : 2(3)
10. Barroth U Cap ボロスUキャップ : gunner : helm : Potential skill points : 3(2)
11. Barroth U Vest ボロスUレジスト : gunner : chest : Potential skill points : 3(2)
12. Gigginox U Cap ネブラUキャップ : gunner : helm : Ice Atk skill points : -2 (-1)
13. Gigginox U Vest ネブラUレジスト : gunner : chest : # of slots : 1 (2)
14. Ranguro X Vest  ラングロXレジスト : gunner : chest : Dragon resist : 3 (2)
15. Alloy Greaves アロイグリーヴ : blade : leg : ice resist : -1 (-2)
16. Alloy Greaves アロイグリーヴ : blade : leg : dragon resist :  0 (-1)
17. Bone Faulds ボーンフォールド : blade : waist : flute skill points : 3 (4)
18. Bone Greaves ボーングリーヴ : blade : leg : flute skill points : 4 (3)
19. hunter gunner set ハンター : gunner : thunder resist :  -2 (-1)
20. Jaggi Vambraces ジャギィアーム : blade : arms : LastingPwr : -2(-1)
21. Jaggi S Faulds ジャギィSフォールド : blade : waist : Gluttony : 4 (1)
22. Aoashira S Helm アシラSヘルム : blade : head : # of slots : 0 (1)
23. Aoashira S Cap アシラSキャップ : blade : head : # of slots : 0 (1)
24. Agnaktor U set アグナU : blade : sharpner skill points :2/1/3/1/3
25. Escadora Set エスカドラ: both blade and gunner : Element resist
26. Qurupeco S set ペッコS: gunner : flute skill points (or if it exists), pelletS up  skill points
27. Barioth S Vest  ベリオSレジスト : gunner : chest : evasion skill point : 1(2)
28. Archer's Espadrilles 城塞弓撃隊【足袋】 : gunner : leg : fate : -3 (-2)
29. Diablos S Cap ディアブロSキャップ : gunner : head : # of slots : 0 (1)
30. Qurupeco X Cap ペッコXキャップ : gunner : head : # of slots : 1 (0)
31. Ludroth X Cap ルドロスXキャップ : gunner : head : # of slots : 1 (0)
32. Agnaktor X Vambraces アグナXアーム : blade : arms : Fire Atk skill (no fire atk, but Constitutn skill instead)
33. Chakra set 三眼の: all : resist values
34. Vangis X Coil バンギスXコイル : blade : waist : max defense ??? (different from other part?)
35. Vangis X Coil バンギスXコイル : blade : waist : Dragon resist : 0 (-4)
36. Vangis X set バンギスX : gunner : resist values
37. Unconfirmed earrings:
Wyvernking Eyepatch   : 竜王の隻眼
Sword Saint Earring   : 剣聖のピアス
Barrage Earring       : 増弾のピアス
Please check the list, and let me know.
 (comment here or )

Monday, January 30, 2012

Coming Soon! MH3G Support!

With the release of MHAG Desktop 2.1, I am free to work on MH3G support.
I plan to make a MH3G version with english translation and original japanese names.  If MH3G comes to the west, all translations will be converted to the official data.

I don't have the game myself yet, but I am currently gathering information from multiple sources.  Meanwhile I am helping Monster Hunter 3G Wiki to build some wiki data.  For example,
MH3G Armor Skill and
MH3G Jewel (Decoration) Item
And most important one: MH3G Armors coming next.

Since I've dealt with MH3 data myself, and I participated in MHP3rd translation, it's not very difficult for me to do stuffs for MH3G.  Not to mention MH3G is surprisingly similar to MHP3rd. :P

Thursday, January 26, 2012

MHAG Desktop 2.1 Release!

MHAG Desktop 2.1 was finally released today!  This version should have been done long time ago, but I kept adding some more features. >.>  I added almost all features users requested.  Most importantly, the new version is ready for G-Rank data now.  So I can work on MH3G or MHFU at any time in the future.

This is the download link!
MHAG V2.1 (Jan 2012)

What's new in this version?

   1. new look and feel.
   2. new feature: Now all games are integrated into a single package.  Users can choose a game at the beginning.  All user data are saved in sub-dir.
   3. new feature: Data structure are modified to allow G-rank data.  (so it's ready for MHFU and MH3G support)
   4. new feature: Add the option to display armor/charm materials in the calculator.  Data is extracted from the open source project TriDB (thanks to Feox for convert the data to MHAG format) and P3DB (Most armor/charm names were synchronized with
   5. new feature: Enhance keyboard controls. Most comboboxes now has auto-completion function.  "enter" key can trigger button.
   6. new feature: Adjust female/male checkbox.  Now if male/female is selected, only male/female sets are available in the armor selection menu. (mostly for mp3rd and future games)  The generator also search sets only for specific gender.
   7. error: The Boss' Set and Snake's Set have different skills (mhp3rd).  Fixed, sets are now separated.
   8. Fix some typo/translations of armor names or jewel names. (Bnahabra Pants, Mutsu Gusoku, Archer's Gauntlets, Chainmail Armor+, Shadow's Shades, Alloy Faulds+, Bnahabra Mail+, Bnahabra Faulds+, Bnahabra Greaves, Steal Coil+, Damascus Set, Assult Jewel, Storm Jewel)

How to run MHAG/upgrade from previous version?

New user
1. Unzip the MHAG package to a folder/directory
2. Make sure the system has JRE 6 or 7
3. Run Mhag.jar (doutble click in Windows)
4. In the pop-up welcome dialog, choose a game

Update from previous version
1. Unzip the MHAG package to a NEW folder/directory
2. copy user data to mhtri for Monster Hunter Tri, and mhp3rd for Monster Hunter Portable 3rd
3. Run Mhag.jar (not in the specific game directory anymore)
4. In the pop-up welcome dialog, choose a game

if you have any question about the new release or want to request new feature, leave comment here or check

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Monster Hunter 3 Startup Armor Path (1-4 Stars)

Welcome to the first part of my Startup Guide for armor sets and good beginning weapon choices early on.

In this first video, I will be going over sets for players that only have access to low rank quests (1-4 star village quests) and what are some sets they should try to get early on.  This set will cover players that are just starting out, those that have already had experience, (recommended for players HR 100 or below, and for those who are not 100% confident about their knowledge of monster's attacks) and finally for the best players who are very knowledgeable about monster movements, habits, and when to effectively use bombs and traps.

With that being said, here is part 1 of my early game armor set recommendations.

Thank you for viewing, and I hope to have more 2 more related videos soon, 1 with early bowgun help, and another for 5* village quest mix sets. (pre-HR 31 quests)

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Sample Lance Mix Sets for all Large Monsters (MH3)

Hello everyone, I've been recently "promoted" to author here (thank you Tifa for adding me and for pointing out this blog to me), so I thought I'd start things off with my Lance Mix Sets videos.

The purpose of these videos (I will do all weapons when I have the time) is to demonstrate sample sets for any large monster in the game and they are meant to work very efficiently against said monster. These sets are based solely on the skills which the armor set will have, and not on defense, resistance, or looks.

I currently have 2 projects I have plans to work on, first being a Start-up Set Path (What sets to go for early on, and the best sets to use when you don't have access to the best armors. [As requested by Vion]) for newbies. My second project is to finish the mix sets for all large monsters for all weapons, and if I still play Tri after that, I will then just add miscellaneous sets that didn't make the cut.

With that being said, here are my mix sets for all large monsters in the Wii's Monster Hunter Tri. (These videos are impossible to view the details of the sets while embedded, so you can click the links to go to YouTube and then go to fullscreen to read them.)

Part 1

Part 2

I hope you all enjoyed and I hope to be working more with you all in the future!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Keep MHAG Database Clean

We are aware that some people complain MHAG calculator allows impossible talisman.
We adopted the current method because of the new talisman rules for MHP3rd.  It does allow impossible talisman.  But our admin will help to keep the database clean and accurate.

To maintain the high quality of MHAG database, our admins moderate entries according to the following rules.
1. Sets with impossible talisman (or combination) will be removed, unless it can be easily fixed with a correct talisman.
2. Sets with large portion of wasted skill points will be removed, unless the owner specify their reason to keep it.
3. Redundant entries, if posted at the same time or by the same author, will be removed.
4. In case a set can be easily improved (for example, use less weapon slot, or add a charm), a new entry will be posted to replace the old set (with same owner name and set name).

It's our goal to keep MHAG database from impossible sets and useless sets.  But we still encourage people to save sets for their daily hunts, even if it's not optimal.  I, myself, loves sets that can be easily created, and without rare talisman.
But our admins are human beings, so we may make mistakes.  To help us moderating sets, users are recommended to do the following.
1. Create an account, so users can manage their sets in the future.  Or if not, at least use a specific owner name for each saved entry.
2. Use a detailed set name.  Show the purpose of the set, or/and your description.

MHAG Database Report (Jan 2012)

MHAG Online server was available to the public for about three month.  So far, we have 378 armor sets for Monster Hunter Tri (Wii), and 211 sets for Monster Hunter Portable 3rd (PSP/PS3).

We thank a lot of hunters for their supports to MHAG.  Especially the following fans for their big contributions to customized armor sets.
MHtri: Alpal, Amir the hunter, Predator
MHp3rd: frost, VengefulTorture, Grimford, Ace

Web Dev

Testing out bloggers :-)
Plan is json support this will improve speed for the users far away from UK.

Predator's YT Video: MH3 Mixed Set for Lance

I just saw a YouTube video, in which the author used MHAG to show his MH3 customized armor sets for lance.  Then I took a close look, and I found he is Predator!!!  Oz78 mentioned that Predator loves MHAG a lot, and can even be our speakman.  lol   Predator, thank you for your support!!

Monster Hunter 3 Mix Sets for Lance (Part 1)

Monday, January 16, 2012

MHAG Introduction Video

I made this video about two month ago for Gondor's mh3 EU podcast.  It's an introduction video for Monster Hunter Armor Generator Program.  Enjoy!

MHAG Desktop Review by Softoxi

Since last month, I noticed that MHAG Desktop 2.0 started to be noticed by some software download sites.  They independently tested MHAG and put it on their websites.
Such as

But surprisingly, I learned today that Softoxi wrote a detailed review on MHAG and made a video tutorial! Here is how Softoxi describes MHAG:
MHAG is an useful piece of software that helps you generate armor sets for your Monster Hunter character. This simple and efficient application can easily become a great tool for any Monster Hunter player out there.

And their review:
Are you a fan of the Monster Hunter fantasy role-playing game and you are not decided which armor sets to use on your character? If that is the case, then you will definitely enjoy the MHAG.

MHAG, short for Monster Hunter Armor Generator, is a handy piece of software that allows you to generate every possible armor set and combinations and quickly calculate their bonuses for your Monster Hunter character. With the help of this lightweight application you could easily create the best possible armor set for your character so that you could play it at its maximum potential.

MHAG comes with three useful features that will help you out in choosing the best possible armor setup that you could get your hands on in the game: the calculator, where you are able to choose every armor part, along with their possible bonuses, and preview your final setup so that you could easily perform any modifications, the generator, which allows you to create the best possible armor sets according to the skills of your character and the viewer which lets you load and add your data from the calculator and export your armor sets either as text or HTML documents. This way, you can quickly share your generated armor sets with your friends and show off your awesome character setup.

Furthermore, MHAG offers you both an online and offline version so that you can easily generate your armor sets in any possible situation. In addition, if you want to upload your armor setup to show it to other users from the MHAG community, this easy to use piece of software allows you to do that with just one click. Just press the "copy set link" button and the URL pointing to your build will be copied to the clipboard.

All in all, if you need a handy piece of software that will help you easily generate armor sets for you Monster Hunter character, then you should give MHAG a look.

Announcement: the MHAG Project

The MHAG Porject was announced on Oct 18, 2011 @ Capcom Unity forums.  Here is the copy of the announcement.  It can also be found at Monster Hunter Wikia Site.

The MHAG Project: a Monster Hunter Armor Toolkit

Gondor and I are happy to announce the Monster Hunter Armor Generator (MHAG) Project!  MHAG is a FREE armor toolkit, featuring a desktop version (MHAG Desktop) and an online version (MHAG Online).


1) Features:
  1. MHAG Desktop: Create and organize sets offline
      a. Manually build armor sets with the built-in calculator
      b. Use the generator to search armor sets automatically within seconds
      c. Use the viewer to manage, browse and export armor sets
      d. The three components can interact with each other
  2. MHAG Online: Create and share sets online
      a. Works on ANY device that connects to internet
      b. Features the same calculator as MHAG Desktop
      c. Use the online database to share and search mixed sets
  3. Integration of MHAG Desktop and MHAG Online
      a. Share same data and core functions
      b. Easily access MHAG Online from MHAG Desktop
  4. Support Games
      a. Monster Hunter Tri (Wii)
      b. Monster Hunter Portable 3rd (PSP/PS3)
      c. (future) Monster Hunter Tri G (3DS)*
      d. (future) Monster Hunter Freedom Unite (PSP)**

*   When MHTri G comes to the west, or if many users request it
**  If any user can provide MHFU data)

II) System Requirements:
  1.  MHAG Desktop:
      a. Any PC (WinXP or later, MacOS and Linux)
      b. JAVA 6 (JRE 1.6) or later
      c. Screen resolution: 1024x768 (minimum), 1280x720 or above (recommended)
  2. MHAG Online:
      a. Any device (PC, tablet, smartphone)
      b. Web browser (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, Opera etc.)
III) Links:

  1. MHAG Desktop 2.0 Download
  2. Getting Started Guide PDF Version
  3. Bug Report:

Welcome to MHAG Blogs!

I decided to initiate this blog space for
Our developers will post news, our plans, text/video tutorials of our tools and some information about monster hunter here.  Stay tuned.