Monday, January 30, 2012

Coming Soon! MH3G Support!

With the release of MHAG Desktop 2.1, I am free to work on MH3G support.
I plan to make a MH3G version with english translation and original japanese names.  If MH3G comes to the west, all translations will be converted to the official data.

I don't have the game myself yet, but I am currently gathering information from multiple sources.  Meanwhile I am helping Monster Hunter 3G Wiki to build some wiki data.  For example,
MH3G Armor Skill and
MH3G Jewel (Decoration) Item
And most important one: MH3G Armors coming next.

Since I've dealt with MH3 data myself, and I participated in MHP3rd translation, it's not very difficult for me to do stuffs for MH3G.  Not to mention MH3G is surprisingly similar to MHP3rd. :P


  1. Awesome! Keep up the good work!

  2. but it's not the same as the PSP where you can just get the game into a memory stick... how are you going to get it to work on the 3DS? is a game playable by reading it from the 3DS's SD card?

  3. hello. MHAG is not a hack tool that is used to change your save data. MHAG just assists you to design/organize mixed armor sets.