Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Keep MHAG Database Clean

We are aware that some people complain MHAG calculator allows impossible talisman.
We adopted the current method because of the new talisman rules for MHP3rd.  It does allow impossible talisman.  But our admin will help to keep the database clean and accurate.

To maintain the high quality of MHAG database, our admins moderate entries according to the following rules.
1. Sets with impossible talisman (or combination) will be removed, unless it can be easily fixed with a correct talisman.
2. Sets with large portion of wasted skill points will be removed, unless the owner specify their reason to keep it.
3. Redundant entries, if posted at the same time or by the same author, will be removed.
4. In case a set can be easily improved (for example, use less weapon slot, or add a charm), a new entry will be posted to replace the old set (with same owner name and set name).

It's our goal to keep MHAG database from impossible sets and useless sets.  But we still encourage people to save sets for their daily hunts, even if it's not optimal.  I, myself, loves sets that can be easily created, and without rare talisman.
But our admins are human beings, so we may make mistakes.  To help us moderating sets, users are recommended to do the following.
1. Create an account, so users can manage their sets in the future.  Or if not, at least use a specific owner name for each saved entry.
2. Use a detailed set name.  Show the purpose of the set, or/and your description.

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