Thursday, January 26, 2012

MHAG Desktop 2.1 Release!

MHAG Desktop 2.1 was finally released today!  This version should have been done long time ago, but I kept adding some more features. >.>  I added almost all features users requested.  Most importantly, the new version is ready for G-Rank data now.  So I can work on MH3G or MHFU at any time in the future.

This is the download link!
MHAG V2.1 (Jan 2012)

What's new in this version?

   1. new look and feel.
   2. new feature: Now all games are integrated into a single package.  Users can choose a game at the beginning.  All user data are saved in sub-dir.
   3. new feature: Data structure are modified to allow G-rank data.  (so it's ready for MHFU and MH3G support)
   4. new feature: Add the option to display armor/charm materials in the calculator.  Data is extracted from the open source project TriDB (thanks to Feox for convert the data to MHAG format) and P3DB (Most armor/charm names were synchronized with
   5. new feature: Enhance keyboard controls. Most comboboxes now has auto-completion function.  "enter" key can trigger button.
   6. new feature: Adjust female/male checkbox.  Now if male/female is selected, only male/female sets are available in the armor selection menu. (mostly for mp3rd and future games)  The generator also search sets only for specific gender.
   7. error: The Boss' Set and Snake's Set have different skills (mhp3rd).  Fixed, sets are now separated.
   8. Fix some typo/translations of armor names or jewel names. (Bnahabra Pants, Mutsu Gusoku, Archer's Gauntlets, Chainmail Armor+, Shadow's Shades, Alloy Faulds+, Bnahabra Mail+, Bnahabra Faulds+, Bnahabra Greaves, Steal Coil+, Damascus Set, Assult Jewel, Storm Jewel)

How to run MHAG/upgrade from previous version?

New user
1. Unzip the MHAG package to a folder/directory
2. Make sure the system has JRE 6 or 7
3. Run Mhag.jar (doutble click in Windows)
4. In the pop-up welcome dialog, choose a game

Update from previous version
1. Unzip the MHAG package to a NEW folder/directory
2. copy user data to mhtri for Monster Hunter Tri, and mhp3rd for Monster Hunter Portable 3rd
3. Run Mhag.jar (not in the specific game directory anymore)
4. In the pop-up welcome dialog, choose a game

if you have any question about the new release or want to request new feature, leave comment here or check

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  1. New Version released 2.3a, contains corrections to armors and English translations for ultimate