Monday, January 16, 2012

MHAG Desktop Review by Softoxi

Since last month, I noticed that MHAG Desktop 2.0 started to be noticed by some software download sites.  They independently tested MHAG and put it on their websites.
Such as

But surprisingly, I learned today that Softoxi wrote a detailed review on MHAG and made a video tutorial! Here is how Softoxi describes MHAG:
MHAG is an useful piece of software that helps you generate armor sets for your Monster Hunter character. This simple and efficient application can easily become a great tool for any Monster Hunter player out there.

And their review:
Are you a fan of the Monster Hunter fantasy role-playing game and you are not decided which armor sets to use on your character? If that is the case, then you will definitely enjoy the MHAG.

MHAG, short for Monster Hunter Armor Generator, is a handy piece of software that allows you to generate every possible armor set and combinations and quickly calculate their bonuses for your Monster Hunter character. With the help of this lightweight application you could easily create the best possible armor set for your character so that you could play it at its maximum potential.

MHAG comes with three useful features that will help you out in choosing the best possible armor setup that you could get your hands on in the game: the calculator, where you are able to choose every armor part, along with their possible bonuses, and preview your final setup so that you could easily perform any modifications, the generator, which allows you to create the best possible armor sets according to the skills of your character and the viewer which lets you load and add your data from the calculator and export your armor sets either as text or HTML documents. This way, you can quickly share your generated armor sets with your friends and show off your awesome character setup.

Furthermore, MHAG offers you both an online and offline version so that you can easily generate your armor sets in any possible situation. In addition, if you want to upload your armor setup to show it to other users from the MHAG community, this easy to use piece of software allows you to do that with just one click. Just press the "copy set link" button and the URL pointing to your build will be copied to the clipboard.

All in all, if you need a handy piece of software that will help you easily generate armor sets for you Monster Hunter character, then you should give MHAG a look.

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  1. MHAG is an useful piece of software that helps you generate.thanks for such type helpful software.