Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Monster Hunter 3 Startup Armor Path (1-4 Stars)

Welcome to the first part of my Startup Guide for armor sets and good beginning weapon choices early on.

In this first video, I will be going over sets for players that only have access to low rank quests (1-4 star village quests) and what are some sets they should try to get early on.  This set will cover players that are just starting out, those that have already had experience, (recommended for players HR 100 or below, and for those who are not 100% confident about their knowledge of monster's attacks) and finally for the best players who are very knowledgeable about monster movements, habits, and when to effectively use bombs and traps.

With that being said, here is part 1 of my early game armor set recommendations.

Thank you for viewing, and I hope to have more 2 more related videos soon, 1 with early bowgun help, and another for 5* village quest mix sets. (pre-HR 31 quests)

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