Monday, February 6, 2012

MHAG Desktop 2.2 Release: New MH3G Support

MHAG Desktop 2.2 was just released!!  In this version, MHAG starts to support Monster Hunter 3 (Tri) G (MH3G) (DS)!

As you can see from the previous two blogs (Coming Soon: MH3G Support, MHAG Helps to Build MH3G Wiki), I made a lot of efforts to gather all data, and meanwhile, also helped to make easy-to-read wiki tables with my program.  
Remember that this is an initial release for MH3G, so it may still contain some problems.  (even Japanese wiki is far from complete yet)  Here is some current issues.
1. Armor materials: they were extracted from Japanese armor build program (  and Japanese wiki.  and I didn't check or translate them.
2. Maximum armor defense data is not complete.  (mostly from Japanese armor program either)
3. Talisman maximum skill points: current version is based on MHP3rd and  Some skills were "promoted" to G rank, so talisman data were adjusted accordingly

In case people wonders what's the difference between MHAG and the Japanese program

1. I fixed tons of errors, so MHAG should be more accurate.
2. I made translations.
3. MHAG Online armor database ( for MH3G will be available soon.

To make MHAG better, please also verify the data from my check list, if you have the game already.

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