Monday, February 27, 2012

MHAG Server Updated: Now with MH3G Database

Gondor @Capcom Unity just updated MHAG Server.
1. MHAG Online has a new MH3G armor database.
2. Armor databases now show sets on multiple pages (50 sets per page).
3. User logins for each database were merged together, so users can access all games with single login.
4. Data synchronized with the latest MHAG Desktop version.

Check for MH3G MHAG.

New MHAG Desktop was also released at the same time.
MHAG Desktop v2.2a
In this version,

1. a few armor data errors were fixed. (Credit to Vuze @ mh3g wetpaint site)
2. Set URL links were corrected, so it links directed to the new MHAG Online Server for MH3G
3. add Sword Saint Earring and Barrage Earring (MH3G)
4. mhag model code is seperated from swing code (for future mobile port)

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