Monday, August 26, 2013

Mhag Desktop 2.3b Release: New MH3U English Translations! (August 26, 2013)

** New releases!! **

MHAG Desktop
  • English translations for MH Ultimate and TriG for the armor pieces
  • English translations for the materials
  • Armor corrections - thanks to the community
  • English armor piece translations
  • English translations for the materials
  • Armor corrections
  • Set Planner tab now displays all the skills of the pieces that were found for the search criteria
MHAG Web Todo
  • Allow Set Planner to search for more than one skill using "and"
  • Incorporate number of slots into the search, so if a piece has 3 slots and a skill is hearing and the range is > 3 then 3 slotted armor pieces will be returned in the result


  1. Really nice but i cant add my Potential +6 Eating +3 Charm to my charm list because there is no "Eating" Skill for the Charms pls fix

  2. The Generator shows that Grand Mutsu Doate is 3 slot instead of 1 slot, resulting in mixed sets that are not possible.